Methods of Motion: Stop Motion Characters and Set

8 Feb

My stop motion animation is a short video based on envy.  It is about a gang of frozen peas that hate living in the freezer.  They want to be in the sunshine like the basket of oranges that sit by the window.  Everyday they see the happy oranges living on the windowsill, bathed in light.  They create a plan to push the oranges out of the window, and take their rightful place in the sun.  I wanted to use food, because I was drawn to animating natural or pre-existing objects.  The set is going to be my kitchen counter.

Here are some stills of the characters, the pea gang, and the oranges. Because the peas are so small, and are not very flexible, I might use green clay to simulate peas so I can manipulate their bodies to further illustrate their movements and struggles.

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21 Dec

Writing Excercise for Video Sculpture – Futuristic Antiques

10 Nov

“Is there no context for our lives? No song, no literature, no poem full of vitamins, no history connected to experience that you can pass along to help us start strong?
Narrative is radical, creating us at the very moment it is being created.”
– Toni Morrison

when we speak we are afraid
our words will not be heard
nor welcomed
but when we are silent
we are still afraid
So it is better to speak
we were never meant to survive
-Audre Lorde

And I place my palms on a typewriter, decades old, ribbon gone to dust. When was it last that my hands created something? My fingertips kiss the letters and I see

Brown hands writing –
No, brown hands doing – life
26 ways brown hands work

pounding tortillas, folding clothes, hanging wash, rinsing rice, lotioning skin, caressing lovers, washing dishes, digging dirt, planting seeds, striking wives, wiping tears, soothing chests, rubbing muscles, sweaty palms, embracing children, holding hands, stirring soup, gutting meat, reaching out, massaging tired eyes, combing hair, cutting fruit, grabbing throats, tapping fingers, turning locks, writing histories

My fingers feel the palimpsest of the last soul/sole writer. This woman, she wrote to survive, she wrote of her people, her family, her home.

And I hear stories, things once gifted only from mouth to ear, in those days where I existed, we existed, because we floated on warm breath through generations of ear canals. We kept each other alive this way.

Until we pounded into print, each other, a new survival.

Origins, Departures: A Self Portrait

4 Oct

Origins, Departures
A Self-Portrait
by Krystal Banzon

Video Sculpture
ITP Fall 2010

Penny For A Secret

28 Sep

Sarah Dahnke and I were trying to see if we could get people to reveal intimate things to us online. We asked people to show us a secret on Mechanical Turk. They were paid one penny for each “secret” they uploaded. Most of the images we received seem to be results of image searches, but who knows? We were disappointed with how few people wanted to actually give out something personal, though it was anonymous. Perhaps they wanted to be paid more for baring their souls? We then asked how much people would want to reveal something truly intimate?

Their responses:

10 mil
50 cents
5,000 dollars
In order for me to divulge one of my pained secrets, it would definitely be costly. Any secret that I have would cost anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000 due to the severity of the consequences that would affect myself and others. I would have to be able to start fresh somewhere else with enough seed money after the “dust settles.”
I hope Privacy is always purely secret maters. It should not be shared with any body for cost.
It depends on who would hear the secret
250 dollars
I would like to receive $2500 for revealing a secret.
At any cost, i’ll not share :)
“I think its depends on the secret. And more thing its is a black mailing of a person.”
I have certain private secrets which I will tell you in no case as they are so private that no one will know about it. But I have two secrets which I can share with you if I receive 10000 dollars for it.
Rs 2000 Two Thousand only
I would have to have at least 5 bucks to tell something truly private, and I have something horrifyingly bad in mind. Im talking about the stuff that when you accidentally remember doing it, you still physically cringe because it makes you feel so bad. Sometimes, I forget about the mistakes you make when you are young.
“That depends upon the “”value”” for the secrecy if there is no impact on me
Also if there is any impact on me, i will not break my secrecy to any cost.”
Ithink private secrets must not be on sale
I’ll be honest, my secret isn’t that big, so in order for me to announce it publicly, I would ask you to pay me 100 dollars.
i would take 50 $ for sharing a secret with a condition that it wont be misused.
only $50.
You will earn my trust, that is all.
Sorry, somethings just can’t be bought.
“CD 1 Yr. $10,000 – $39,999”
10 $
I’m a pretty open person, but if it was about another one with me as a whole then it would deffinatly cost.
It is depend on the matter …if this is small i would ask $5000…if it is big matter belongs ,i would ask $100000…… thank you
If it is private (regarding my personal) – it costs only $10,000/-
depending on who you are and how I am feeling at the time? anywhere from $0.00 to $1000.00
I would receive $10.00000 really.
105 $
120 USD
There’s no such money. A truly secret is the deepest part of each persons intimacy.
depends situation
Rs. 1 crore
Secrets are not to be sold
1000\- p.m
Thousand Lakhs.
According how deep you wanted, but it would start at about $.05 to start.
“i will spend money on watching new movies in theatres and buying latest moblies”
20 bucks
80,000 $
It would have to be at least $5.oo
I will not say truly any private matters for any amount of money but for your question just I say the secret will cost $100.
50,000 dollars
1 million dollars
“Hi,Though it is good question,but still I would have to receive only $100. Because being a student it is good enough for me.
Again thanks for this question.”
“That will depend on the secret question that you would like to ask.
starting form 5$”
maybe $100
5 million Dolores
All you can pay.
One million dollars.


28 Sep

A theater artist, a dancer, and a poet walked into a video sculpture class together….

I worked with Sarah Dahnke, and Jenine Durland on creating an abstract video piece. All being interested in performance, we decided to see what would happen if the performance were to be the creation of the video itself. We wanted to generatively create a single channel video piece by giving ourselves a few simple rules to abide by. We each edited individually in a cycle, passing around an external hard drive that acted as the capture scratch for our Final Cut project.

The rules were:
1. Add 3 seconds
2. Separate 2 things
3. Only use archived or found footage.
4. We must each edit the sequence two non-consecutive times.

Even though we tried to listen to each other and reflect on what the person who edited before us was trying to convey, of course, the meanings and messages were subjective and were not totally communicated. The result was a piece that, standing alone is fragmented and not cohesive. However, the process of the project was the primary purpose, and it was an interesting experiment. Should we do this again, we would add more specific constraints/rules that needed to be followed, to keep the separate participants of the project on track. We would also go through the cycle of adding footage more times. It was an fascinating experiment to play “telephone” through visuals.

The piece is called “Telephone.” It is intended to be watched on loop.

Light Sculpture

20 Sep

This week Jenine and I made a light sculpture out of fallen tree branches and tea lights.

This began with our brainstorming around what kind of interactions we try to bring into our work. Both Jenine and I felt very strongly about having technology and art create and facilitate interactions between people, not interactions between people and machines. We thought about what kinds of light bring people together, gather people. Jenine, being the nature gal she is, had a brilliant vision of a campfire. Created in nature, gathering people to nature, to its warmth, and facilitating dialogue and intimacy amongst those nestled in its glow.

We wanted to try to capture that with our light sculpture. We began sketching ideas for an abstracted modern artsy campfire made of metal and colored cellophane, that when light shone through the colored plastic, the fire would “glow.” We then decided that an element created out of nature, should be recreated again from natural elements. Thanks to the tornado last weekend, Park Slope was littered in fallen trees and gorgeous shattered branches. We decided to collect branches and create our piece from actual wood. We took the branches, arranged them in shape that we felt sturdy and compelling, and hot glued the joints together. We wanted to give the sculpture a reflective quality and sparkle, so we used steel wool in the sculpture to help reflect light, resembling moss and spiderwebs.

The way we are lighting our piece is a participatory act, just like coming around a campfire. Each person has a tea light, lights their candle, and can place the light anywhere around the sculpture. Where the place the light source varies the shadows and look of the piece, so each participant has the power to change, shape, and sculpt the light sculpture however way they want to.

We wanted to bring people together around light, show the changing and subjective nature of light (and nature itself), and use natural materials to recreate a sense of serenity and communion around elemental symbols.

Documentation of our process:


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